#Ep757 रूसी नागरिकों की मौत के पीछे क्या रहस्य है, क्यों जा रही है जान?

On August 20, 1940, Spanish communist Ramón Mercader assassinated Leon Trotsky, a prominent figure in the Communist movement and vocal critic of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. Mercader was convicted of murder and served 20 years in prison before being welcomed as a hero in Cuba. Fast forward to 2022, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine leads to widespread condemnation and economic sanctions. Among those critical of the war were Russian oligarchs, who found themselves at odds with President Vladimir Putin’s actions. Tragically, the sudden and mysterious deaths of several oligarchs, bureaucrats, and journalists critical of Putin, including Russian lawmaker Pavel Antov, have been referred to as the “Sudden Russian Death Syndrome.” Join us as we delve into the history of political assassination and the dangers of speaking out against those in power. ***About Knocking News (नॉकिंग न्यूज़)*** शिक्षा , इतिहास , अर्थशास्त्र, राजनीति और अन्य समसामयिक विषयों पर पत्रकार गिरिजेश वशिष्ठ के विश्लेषण इस चनल पर लगातार मिलता है. आजाद, खुली और स्वस्थ पत्रकारिता को अपने अनुभव से लेकर आते हैं. ये चैनल पत्रकार गिरिजेश वशिष्ठ के विश्लेषणों का चैनल है. गिरिजेश वशिष्ठ वरिष्ठ पत्रकार हैं. वो इन्डिया टुडे ग्रुप, दिल्ली आजतक, ज़ी, दैनिक भास्कर, दैनिक जागरण, सहारा समय समेत अनेक महत्वपूर्ण समाचार संस्थानों में संपादक के स्तर पर जिम्मेदारियां संभाल चुके हैं और पिछले 34 साल से लगातार सक्रिय हैं. This is a analysis channel of Girijesh Vashistha. Girijesh Vashistha is a senior journalist; he has worked with India Today group, Zee Network, Dainik Bhaskar, Dainik Jagran and sahara samay like Prominent News organizations for 34 years at Editor Level For donations and support you may pay from any app by using UPI facility. our upi id is…. ************** girijeshKN@icici ************** Editorial Partner – editorji : https://www.editorji.com/hindi/partner/knockingnew-com Please subscribe to our youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/KnockingNews Another channel for Girijesh Vashistha Videos: https://www.youtube.com/c/girijeshvashistha Check out the KnockingNews website for more news: https://www.KnockingNews.com/ Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KnockingNews/ Follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/KnockingNews Our videos also available on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/KnockingNews/… Our telegram channel : https://t.me/KNLive latest videos are at odysee https://odysee.com/@KnockingNews ***For sponsordhip and advertisement related enquiries please contact *** Email – knockingnews@gmail.com -For donations and support you may pay from any app by using UPI facility. our upi id is…. *************** girijeshKN@icici ******************** -For news information please mail on above address. mobile number will be shared only if required