CNN ने टीका लगवाए बगैर दफ्तर आने पर अपने तीन कर्मचारियों को नौकरी से निकाल दियाहै.
CNN has fired three staff members for working in the office despite being unvaccinated against the coronavirus, in an incident that highlights the potential challenges facing employers who mandate inoculations amid a surge of the highly transmissible delta variant in the United States.

A research article published in a U.S. scientific journal in 2008 has suggested that the country’s scientists were already capable of producing a severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)-like coronavirus in laboratories.

Entitled as “Synthetic recombinant bat SARS-like coronavirus is infectious in cultured cells and in mice”, the article was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) journal over a decade ago.

The research elaborated on the process of synthesis and recovery in the laboratory of the largest synthetic replicating life form, a 29.7-kb bat SARS-like coronavirus (Bat-SCoV), a likely progenitor to a coronavirus epidemic

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