भारत के सिर पर चीन की सबसे खतरनाक चाल, मोदी सरकार क्यों है चुप

The airport, which saw a crash of a Yeti Airlines flight on January 15, cannot host medium sized narrow body aircraft like A320 and B737 due to fuel and passenger restrictions and because night-landing facilities are yet to be operationalised. ET has learnt that the airport’s viability has raised questions in Nepal. While China has listed the airport as a BRI project, sections of the Nepalese administration have opposed it.
Chinese presence in the airport built with a $215.96 million loan from its Exim Bank, however, can give Beijing strategic depth against India. Several locations in Uttar Pradesh are close to Pokhara by air. It is a little over 300 km by road from Gorakhpur which houses a major Indian Air Force base. The airport is less than 20 minutes to Gorakhpur by commercial flight and under 10 minutes by fighter aircraft. A direct commercial flight from New Delhi to Pokhara will take less than an hour. A Chinese PLA jet, if stationed in Pokhara, can reach India’s capital in a shorter span of time.

पोखरा गोरखपुर 140 किलोमीटर
पोखरा से पटना 140 किलोमीटर
वाराणसी 278 किलोमीटर
लखनऊ 320
कानपुर 246 किलोमीटर
ग्वालियर 500 किलोमीटर
दिल्ली 671 किलोमीटर
इलाहाबाद 263 किलोमीटर
McDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike Eagle
2450.09 kph

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