इस्रायल में खतरनाक हालात, भारत में भी खतरा, क्या है कारण?

In Israel, protests have been ongoing for about 10 days across major cities, with a turnout of nearly 100,000 people, including members of the military. The proposed changes to the judicial system have caused significant concern among the public, as well as international organizations and governments. The changes would include limiting the power of the Supreme Court, which currently has unlimited jurisdiction over legal matters, and reducing the number of members in the Judicial Selection Committee, which would now be controlled by a Knesset majority. The reforms would also impose term limits on judges, including Supreme Court justices, and no longer require candidates to have legal training or experience for judicial appointments. Critics argue that the proposed changes would undermine the separation of powers by increasing Knesset control over the judiciary.

Many prominent Israelis, including former Supreme Court justices, have spoken out against the changes, along with international organizations and governments such as the United Nations, the European Union, the United States, Germany, and France. The concern is that the proposed reforms would compromise judicial independence, with the potential for political interference in the selection and appointment of judges, as well as limited jurisdiction of the Supreme Court. The reforms are seen by some as an attempt to protect politicians, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is under investigation for corruption. The Israeli Bar Association has called for a strike in protest of the changes, highlighting the significance of the issue and the impact it could have on the country’s democratic principles.
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